Daily Schedule for 01/22/2018

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Start End Title Instructor Sub? Location Enroll
06:00AM 07:00AM Vata All Levels Katie Bruno 37206 Enroll    
09:30AM 11:00AM Kapha All Levels Jo-Jo Jackson 37206 Enroll    
04:30PM 06:00PM Vata All Levels Nick Major 37206 Enroll    
06:30PM 08:00PM Vata All Levels Leslie Hinson 37206 Enroll    

Upcoming Workshops and Events

  Date Title Instructor Price Location  
Add to Cart 01/28/18 Root to Rise: Standing Balance Jo-Jo Jackson 30 37206
11:30AM-1:30PM -- Standing Balance poses develop strength, confidence, focus and graceful poise. Learn tools to achieve success on and off the mat!
Add to Cart 02/09/18 The 4th Element: Pranayama Jo-Jo Jackson 30 37206
We will explore foundational principles of pranayama to use in your daily practice on and off the mat.
Add to Cart 02/11/18 I Am Enough Ashley James 30 37206
--The practice will be centered around a comforting, slow flow ending with restorative, open-heart poses.
Add to Cart 03/02/18 Sacred Sounds & Symbols: Mantras and Mudras Jo-Jo Jackson 30 37206
In this 2 hour workshop we will start by learning the Sanskrit alphabet, the seven common mantras and mudras. We will utilize simple pranayama and meditation to deepen your practice and understanding on the mudras.
Add to Cart 03/18/18 Back to the Future! Liz Workman Mead 30 37206
Open your heart and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead through this back-bending practice! This two-hour practice will explain the anatomical alignment principles behind backbends in order to practice them safely.
Add to Cart 04/15/18 Chakra Therapy Leah Lillios King 30 37206
--Join us as we utilize asana, pranayama, mantras, mudras and visualization in a 2 hour practice to release the vital energies that our chakras store in order to liberate our bodies.
Add to Cart 04/22/18 Gita Scribes Liz Workman Mead 30 37206
--In this 2 hour workshop,we will explore creative writing as a way to calm the mind and bring your thoughts to paper. We will discuss and compare the Bhagavad Gita to Your Own story.
Add to Cart 05/06/18 Topsy Turvy Leah Lillios King 30 37206
--See the world from a different perspective through the exhilarating art of inversions!
Add to Cart 05/20/18 Fly Like an Eagle: Arm Balances Leah Lillios King 30 37206
--Learn the art of balancing, floating, and flying through the art of arm balances! This 2 hour workshop provides a safe space to push yourself to the edge.

Upcoming Sessions

  Dates Title Instructor Price Location