Daily Schedule for 10/20/2018

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Start End Title Instructor Sub? Location Enroll
09:30AM 11:00AM Vata All Levels Rachel Anderson 37206 Enroll    
11:30AM 12:30PM Kapha All Levels Holly Ramey 37206 Enroll    
04:30PM 06:00PM Pitta All Levels Taylor L Traglia 37206 Enroll    

Upcoming Workshops and Events

  Date Title Instructor Price Location  
Add to Cart 10/21/18 Topsy Turvy Leah Lillios King 30 37206
--11:30am-1:30pm Get upside down with Leah as she guides you step-by-step into safely practicing inversions through the use of props, proper alignment principles and modifications.
Add to Cart 10/27/18 New Student Orientation Tony Hollingsworth 0 37206
--12:30p-1:30p-- New to the Kali Yuga Community? Join Tony for this FREE event to learn more about Kali Yuga's history, our lineage, and your personal Ayurvedic dosha!
Add to Cart 10/27/18 Sanskrit 101 Ali Sperry 30 37206
--2:00pm-4:00pm-- Join Ali in this workshop all about the Language of the Vedas. She will guide you through the alphabet, pronunciations and breakdown the names of yoga poses!
Add to Cart 10/28/18 Back to the Future: Backbends Liz Workman Mead 30 37206
11:30a-1:30p-- Open your heart and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead! In this 2 hour practice learn the anatomical principles behind backbends with instruction on how to perform them safely.
Add to Cart 11/02/18 Sacred Sounds & Symbols: Mantras and Mudras Jo-Jo Jackson 30 37206
--6:30p-8:30p-- Explore the realm of yogic mantra and mudras with JoJo as she guides you through the Sanskrit alphabet, 7 common mantras and 10 common mudras!
Add to Cart 11/04/18 Fly Like an Eagle: Arm Balances Leah Lillios King 30 37206
--11:30a-1:30p-- In this 2 hour intensive workshop, join Leah as she guides and prepares you to perform three different arrm balances. The strength and focus that you will build during the workshop will give you the confidence to explore these awesome poses!
Add to Cart 11/11/18 Nourish the Soul Liz Workman Mead 30
---11:30a-1:30p-- Join Liz, educator, health counselor, and yoga instructor for this cutting-edge program that provides the latest research on which foods, cooking techniques and nutritional supplements can help promote health, vitality and mental clarity.

Upcoming Sessions

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