Daily Schedule for 10/22/2017

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09:30AM 11:00AM Pitta All Levels Liz Workman Mead 37206 Enroll    
11:30AM 01:30PM Gita Scribes Liz Workman Mead 37206 see below    
04:30PM 06:00PM Kapha All Levels Rachel Wolfe 37206 Enroll    
06:30PM 08:00PM Vata All Levels Katie Bruno 37206 Enroll    
08:15PM 09:15PM Kapha All Levels Celeste Greene 37206 Enroll    

Upcoming Workshops and Events

  Date Title Instructor Price Location  
Add to Cart 10/22/17 Gita Scribes Liz Workman Mead 25 37206
1:30-1:30pm --- Writing is a life practice just like yoga. Connecting the relationship between your yoga practice and creative writing is a way to increase meaning behind the ancient art of yoga and your own life. Together we will utilize the parables in the Bhagavad-Gita and observe how those valuable lessons pertain to your writing, your yoga practice and life in general. This two-hour workshop will include an active asana practice, writing prompts, and reading from the Bhagavad-Gita.
Add to Cart 10/27/17 Scared Sounds & Symbols Jo-Jo Jackson 30 37206
6:30-8:30pm -- Sacred Sounds and symbols are powerful practices to bring people closer to the divine energy within themselves and the universe, and are used across all cultural, religious and spiritual backgrounds! Explore the realms of yoga mantra & mudra in this 2-hour workshop, and expand the knowledge, understanding and devotion of your practice!
Add to Cart 10/28/17 The Elusive Chataraunga Dandasana Erika Porter 30 37206
11:30am-1:30pm -- I think I’m doing it right? Wait...that’s different then what I was doing? How do you do a chaturanga?! In this workshop I will help clarify all the different variations of chaturanga and how each of those variations can be modified to suit your capacity of strength. We will talk about the proper way to integrate this chaturanga into your sun salutation.
Add to Cart 10/29/17 Topsy Turvy: Inversions Leah Lillios King 30 37206
11:30AM-1:30PM -- In this workshop Leah will guide you step-by-step on how to practice inversions safely and easily through the use of props, proper alignment principles, and modifications. She will first focus on how to develop the core strength to practice these amazing poses and then take you step-by-step through each pose building your way from the ground up- or vice versa when you’re upside down!

Upcoming Sessions

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