Daily Schedule for 03/20/2018

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Start End Title Instructor Sub? Location Enroll
07:30AM 08:30AM Vata All Levels Tony Hollingsworth 37206 Enroll    
09:30AM 11:00AM Pitta All Levels Will Hoyer 37206 Enroll    
11:30AM 12:30PM Kapha All Levels Ali Sperry 37206 Enroll    
01:00PM 02:00PM QPrime Corporate Session Ali Sperry 37206 Drop In    
04:30PM 06:00PM Pitta All Levels Erika Porter 37206 Enroll    
06:30PM 08:00PM Pitta All Levels Kirby Booker 37206 Enroll    
08:15PM 09:15PM Kapha All Levels Sadie Hart 37206 Enroll    

Upcoming Workshops and Events

  Date Title Instructor Price Location  
Add to Cart 03/23/18 108 Sun Salutes Jo-Jo Jackson 30 37206
-- 6:30p-8:30p Come experience 108 Sun Salutations with JoJo in honor of the Spring Equinox!
Add to Cart 03/24/18 Spring Equinox Workshop Holly Ramey 35 37206
-- 1:00p-3:00p Take time to intentionally prepare for the transition into spring by harnessing the equalizing power of the equinox!
Add to Cart 03/25/18 Nourish the Soul Liz Workman Mead 30 37206
--11:30am-1:30pm Join Liz for a nutritional adventure. This two hour workshop will give you all you need to know on how to eat and live healthier for your body!
Add to Cart 04/06/18 Moving into Stillness Jo-Jo Jackson 30 37206
--6:30-8:30pm Quiet and calm the mind, relax the body, and restore and overall sense of well-being by joining Jo-Jo for a beginner friendly journey into simple meditation techniques to bring into your daily life.
Add to Cart 04/15/18 Chakra Therapy Leah Lillios King 30 37206
-- 11:30am-1:30pm Join us as we utilize asana, pranayama, mantras, mudras and visualization in a 2 hour practice to release the vital energies that our chakras store in order to liberate our bodies.
Add to Cart 04/21/18 Twist-Tox Detox Ashley James 30 37206
--1:00pm-3:00pm Spring clean the mind.body and soul in this workshop centered around self-care detoxing using the breath, body and meditation.
Add to Cart 04/22/18 Gita Scribes Liz Workman Mead 30 37206
--11:30am-1:30pm In this 2 hour workshop,we will explore creative writing as a way to calm the mind and bring your thoughts to paper. We will discuss and compare the Bhagavad Gita to Your Own story.
Add to Cart 05/06/18 Topsy Turvy Leah Lillios King 30 37206
--11:30am-1:30pm See the world from a different perspective through the exhilarating art of inversions!
Add to Cart 05/11/18 Pitta is Coming: Yin Yoga + Essential Oils Amelia Edelman 35 37206
--6:30pm-8:30pm Join Amelia for 2 hours of yin-yoga, hands on assists and essential oils to match the poses. All while resetting the mind and body for the fieriest time of year.
Add to Cart 05/20/18 Fly Like an Eagle: Arm Balances Leah Lillios King 30 37206
--11:30am-1:30pm Learn the art of balancing, floating, and flying through the art of arm balances! This 2 hour workshop provides a safe space to push yourself to the edge.

Upcoming Sessions

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