Title: HEALING LUNAR VIBES: Manifesting Miracles
Start Date: 09/01/2016
Start Time: 07:00pm
End Time: 09:00pm
Location: default
Price: $20
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Re-Script & Re-New Your Attitudes!

  • Meditations for self-love and prosperity
  • Drum Journey with chanting
  • Vision Breathing Circle and Reiki

Co-Create your life with Spirit and the specific supportive planetary, and new moon or full moon energies. With each lunar cycle we focus on bettering various aspects of our lives, asking the right questions to get to the truth, set the stage to embrace new pathways/adventures and begin to change our habits of thinking, speaking and being! RECEIVE A TRANSMISSION OF LOVE from The Great Ones and learn to live The Life Abundant!

Basia Haridass Tacik, M.Ed., has been a lightworker for two decades. She is an author, presenter and intuitive healing facilitator. Her unique abilities and the modalities of Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Shamanic Arts (currently in the Andean tradition with Esther Jenkins), Kundalini Yoga/Meditation have helped many to manifest their soul purpose, fulfillment, and prosperity.